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Our sweet spot is helping businesses who aren’t quite ready for a full-time marketing professional build a brand and implement marketing initiatives that fit their current budgets. We know to grow, you need to market.

Brand Strategy Drives
Both Business and Marketing Decisions.

A brand touches all points of a business – from the reception area and administration departments to research and development, as well as
production, marketing and customer service departments. Business owners and managers must consider how affiliations, campaign and design decisions affect the image of the brand.

Lomo Creative helps clients through the process of uncovering the essence of a company and to develop appropriate marketing strategies to best communicate with clients. Once the value proposition, core values and culture of the brand are articulated, Lomo Creative implements the tactical plan by creating touchpoints with a company’s many publics.

Once the heart and soul of a brand has been defined and touchpoints are created, the brand process must be constantly evaluated and should be monitored to maximize building brand equity.