Janie Morris, Partner

Janie Morris is a Marketing Professional with 15 years experience in marketing and sales. Janie grew up in Dallas, Texas. She holds a degree in Creative Advertising from Southern Methodist University and an MBA from the University of Texas at Dallas. Janie’s early career and training was spent in entrepreneurial-like boutique creative agencies that focused on small and medium sized clients. Janie believes that “By having a strong foundation and detailed brand strategy, companies can conserve money and spend it wisely where the biggest bang is. In fact, a detailed brand strategy can help foster a company’s growth because the roadmap has been well thought out.”

Janie is known for the unusual combination of detail orientation and the ability to maintain a global point of view. She has a proven record of accomplishments in brand creation and management, design, promotion and marketing. She has worked with undeveloped brands with over a dozen startup firms, she understands the challenges facing the entrepreneurial company including the introduction and marketing of new products and services without the benefit of a well-established reputation, channel infrastructure or customer base. Additionally, Janie has partnered with several non-profits to develop and manage brands that not only serve the clientele but also attract and inspire donors and community volunteerism.

Lomo Creative is governed by a few choice principles – and all brought to life in how Janie does business. 1) No client is small; 2) Elevate the brand to grow business; 3) Laughter is important; 4) Quality matters; and 5) Doing good works is good business.