Brand Building

We are occasionally asked why branding is such a big deal and how it differs from marketing. First, branding is such a big deal because at its most basic level, a brand the number one connection that clients and other publics have with a company. These connections are often emotional.

The second question, how is branding different from marketing, is a little more challenging to answer. Marketing is both strategic and tactical. Under its umbrella, Marketing encompasses in some for or fashion every aspect of a product from research and development to product launch to promotions and campaigns. The brand goes hand-in-hand with all of these tasks.

Brand development and Brand management both are functions of marketing. At the same time, Branding guides the all sorts of choices that a company makes across all departments. The brand is considered when determining what type of products to offer, how employees interact internally and with its public. To sum things up, everything a company does is touched in some ways by brand strategy. And that is a pretty big deal.

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