What We Do

Brand Building and Management

Brand new or unknown brand? Lomo Creative works with you to define your brand and develop a plan to communicate your brand through positioning; advertising; public and media relations; and social media strategies. Your brand is an implied promise to your customer of what they can expect. Whether you have a brand new product or an existing one, knowing how your brand interacts in the world is a critical aspect of the marketing process. In doing a brand audit, we help you to define how your brand is perceived. The brand audit evaluates the current state of affairs of the brand, uncover areas where the brand might deviate from its intended mission and target, as well as identify missed revenue opportunities.

Business and Product Development

You have a great idea… now what? Your head is full of questions and you have no idea where to start. That’s where we come in. Our expertise in product development and strategy can help coach you through the process-defining your business and ultimately your brand. Through business plan refinement, we help you to expand on your idea and validate your product’s or service’s appeal to your chosen target market; perform a needs analysis. Not an expert in marketing, let us guide you through building a marketing strategy and tactical marketing plan.

Design Services

Whether you require full branding services or just need some simple design work to promote your business, we are here to help. Lomo Creative develops advertising campaigns, brochures, business collateral, invitations, promotional materials and online collateral to help you promote your business.

Social Media Strategy and Implementation

Blogs, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest are all great tools for building your brand, engaging with your clientele and attracting new customers. These communication channels are cost-effective and can provide tremendous feedback for your business. Lomo Creative can help you to develop a social media strategy and help with the day-to-day management of these tools.